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I have several years of experience in international construction companies as an project manager architect and also get a postgraduate degree in sustainable architecture. I love my profession but always have a deeper love for painting, designing smaller things and having my own design studio.

In 2013, I was started to make some gifts for my friends at home and my works started to see demand from people around so i began to make designs under the name of “Mimarca İşler” which in Turkish means “Architectural Things”, like things from an architect. =)

One day, a customer e-mailed me to thank for the gift i painted for her. She has written lots of pleasant things which made me the happiest person in the world and that moment i really felt that “I should do this as a job!”. So I did.

After 9 months I quit my day job and then after 7 months rented my lovely atelier. Since then I am working more and harden than ever before and I love every second of it! And i opened my Etsy shop in 2014 but it is really active from 2019 =)

My designs reflects my personaliy which is colorful and energytic. I’m also inspired by art, geometry, cultures and of course architecture. Further, my education helps me to design ecological things and I reuse some materials like magazine pages, old cassettes.. in my handmade/handpainted/unique designs and packages! I add my knowledge, talents, love and care to all my designs to make you feel special and to add joy to your life.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story. I hope you will find something for you and your loved ones.
Enjoy your design,

Welcome to my studio!

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