I was having a hard time finding the right place for my glasses these days, everywhere is full of glasses cases.

Then this idea came to my mind, I had done a similar one to hang my jewelry before. I looked at the internet, there were many different versions but I made mine. I saved my glasses from scratching and have a decorative frame.

I wanted a vintage old wooden frame look so I painted one coat of “thunder gray” color acrylic paint. And I don’t have a hook in my frame so I screwed one.

I measured two rows of ribbons, cut them and then fastened them with tape and looked how the glasses fit. I marked them to the places and fixed with a staple gun. Those who do not have a gun can do this with a pushpin.

Annd viola!


  • Materials: picture frame + paint (up to you) + ribbon + stapler gun 
  • Duration: 1 hours