I saw this macrame coasters on youtube several times so I wanted to try. Because you know we have lots of time in these #stayathome days! =)

And I also love the projects with a few materials. These macrame coasters need only the rope and lots of patience =)

You can search “diy macrame coaster” in youtube to find the tutorials but basicly it is knotting some short ropes to the long main one. 

Normally people use macrame rope but i have colored jute rope at home, so i used it. But i had 2 problems. First, my rope was a little bit thin, so I used 30 meters to do the knots. And second, the jute rope is a little bit dusty so i had to do a cleaning after the knotting. =)


Some people made a bigger circle and smaller fringe, and some made the opposite. My circle is 9 cm and the fringes are 3-4 cm. To do the fringes I used a comb and brushed them.

I first used this as a coaster but then i used it as a flower pot pad.

Thanks for reading.

  • Materials: rope 30m – (if you use macrame, 20m is enough) 
  • Duration: 2-3 hours